Citrus Counseling Services has been providing support for people in the Inland Empire since 1978. We a premier group of mental health specialist that believe in the power of community, faith and excellence. Our staff is here to help families and individuals looking for solutions to life’s problems. We have specialists that work with children and families as well as single adults, helping you find methods to work with your child, reduce stress, cope with trauma, or find increased meaning in life. In addition to our general mental health program, CCS has Specialists on our children’s team that can coach parents or teachers in the best methods for working with a special needs child, or provide help in overcoming a challenging behavior in a young child or teen. We also have on staff pastoral care specialist, providing care for caregiving professionals such as clergy, police, military and physicians.
Our therapists are professionally trained, compassionate men and women with years of experience in providing mental health services. With a diverse staff and funding options, we can help you with the challenges you are facing. Our goal is to help people find healing and growth as they negotiate the challenges encountered in life. Disappointments in work, challenging parenting situations, the loss of someone dear, stuck marriage patterns — these are some of the ordinary life situations that a CCS therapist can help people grow through and change.
Citrus Counseling Services provides professional mental health services, education, training and faith based support services throughout the Inland Empire. Call or email for an office near you: Intake
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Our Phone #: 909-793-1078