The Early Childhood program is designed for children ages 0-5 and their families. Early Childhood focuses on the relational and emotional well-being of children through assessments, treatment, care, and education. All services are based on best practice standards and utilize evidence-based models. We welcome all families and children no matter their race, religion, gender, or economic status. We believe that successful futures start with positive early childhood relationships.

Help your child cope with the stresses of life.

Ease your stress and enjoy a more satisfying bond with your child.

We help parents with kids:

    • who are aggressive, who hit, throw things and express great anger
    • that have frequent tantrums or are unable to regulate emotions
    • who are defiant or refuse to follow directions
    • that have problems in school settings
    • who have experienced a loss or crisis
    • who are victims of abuse, neglect, sexual abuse and/or assault


Screening, Assessment, Referrals & Treatment and Early Identification Intervention Services – Programs funded through the Department of Behavioral Health to provide early identification and treatment for young children in need of specialized mental health treatment.

Trauma Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment (TF-CBT)

Infant and new parent support and treatment

Parent & Teacher Education and Support

Play Therapy

Occupational Therapy for San Bernardino County residents ages 0-5

Infant Massage

Other early childhood specific treatment